I map the changing landscape of tomorrow and beyond to deliver culturally informed, future-focussed opportunities for strategic development. I provide the following services:

  • Semiotic decoding & recoding
  • Archetype analysis & development
  • Discourse and linguistics analysis
  • Trajectory mapping & Futurology
  • Cultural analysis
  • Concept writing/visualising
  • Verbal prototyping workshops
  • Brand & communications strategy

Working with Cognitif


I work as an independent consultant for research and strategic development for brands and organisations. My methods can be used ʻstandaloneʼ, or partnered with other research methods to complement and provide context.


I work freelance for brand development agencies, research companies, design agencies and advertising agencies.

Talks & Workshops

I am available for internal inspiration workshops and presentations designed to stimulate thought and ideas and demonstrate practical techniques for creative investigation, semiotic decoding and cultural analysis

About me

Twenty years in brand strategy. I straddle the divide between upstream insight and downstream creative execution after many years in brand development consultancies. I learned early on that brand expression is absolutely dependent on sound research into the category and adjacent phenomena in order to understand the constant evolution of the cultural landscape.
After seven years in research industry, I now provide my expertise independently for brands as a consultant, and for the people who help build succesful brands as an additional component of their strategy development work.


A sample of clients past and present:

The benefits of semiotics and culturally informed insight:

For anybody charged with the task of keeping a brand relevant, prominent and profitable, the most obvious point of interrogation is consumers. Consequently a vast and highly profitable industry exists to mine consumers for their thoughts and opinions.

Consumers are very good at telling us what they know and what they feel, subjectively, about today. What consumers are not able to provide is an objective, context-rich overview of their relationship to brands products and services, and they are not able to contemplate future changes to their wants and needs, and the inevitable shifts in their perceptions.

Consumers are unable to provide insight into the future, nor to anticipate the effect of innovations and category challenges that are nascent/emergent and not yet mainstream.


Cognitif culture and category reconnaissance provides the broader context and shines a light on the shape of things to come by working with a broad and diverse set of cultural materials and phenomena. It can do so quicker and more economically than traditional research, revealing breakthrough insights, giving form to opportunities and challenges, whilst also providing context for consumer insight, placing their thoughts within a broader contextual field.

By understanding the intersection of culture and commerce, Cognitif create truly breakthrough insights that translate into clear, practical, future facing opportunity spaces and recommendations that are not revealed by consumer-focussed research.